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Management and Administration

Structure and People

Lalibela Trust founded in 2012 is a registered UK charity No 1147147

Lalibela Trust raises funds for its own projects. It also provides on-site Project Management for all the projects of the Australian charity, Create Impact and Millfield School, Somerset.

The Lalibela Trust UK team comprises Dr Hugh Sharp, Chairman and Treasurer,  Norman Coward, Operations Manager  Carole Andrews, Administration Manager.

The Ethiopian team consists of Derebe Getaneh overall Project Manager. Hiwot Minlikalew Finance Manager.

The Ethiopia team is small because all construction projects are undertaken by contractors selected from a pool which the Project Manager has identified over the years. These contractors are very loyal and praise Lalibela Trust’s rapid decision-making, constructive comment, and prompt payment. Whenever possible we introduce our many visitors to the contractors.

create / impact

In recent years Lalibela Trust has worked in an informal partnership with Create Impact. This is an excellent Australian registered charity, which raises money for projects in Ethiopia. Their funding is mainly focused on infrastructure for primary education and health services. In addition, they fund the delivery of menstrual pads to schoolgirls, educational scholarships, and, recently, a hostel for disadvantaged girls in Lalibela High School. All these projects of Lalibela Trust and Create Impact are managed in Ethiopia by Lalibela Trust. This sharing of funding and management by two NGOs, which are not competing for funds, undoubtedly saves costs and allows more projects to be achieved than would be possible by each NGO singly.

Dr Hugh Sharp

Founder and Chairman

catherine sharp

Catherine Sharp

Co Founder

Dr. Hugh Sharp had a long career as a General Practitioner in Medicine and first went with Catherine, his wife, to Ethiopia in 2003. Their extensive work in Ethiopia from those early years until today is described  HERE. Hugh and Catherine championed and largely funded a new Maternity Unit in Lalibela Hospital serving an area of over 300,000 people, which opened in 2020. More info HERE.

Hiwot Minlikalew

Hiwot Minlikalew

Finance Manager, Ethiopia

Hiwot graduated from a 4-year Diploma in Law course (Bahir Dar University) and is now qualified as a Prosecutor in the local government. She also has a volunteer position with a local co-operative as an anti-HIV Coordinator. She manages Lalibela Trust’s bookkeeping and banking.

Derebe Getaneh

Derebe Getaneh

Project Manager, Ethiopia

Born in Lalibela, Derebe has a degree from Bahar Dar University. He has managed all the projects of Lalibela Trust since 2011. More recently he has also managed projects for Create Impact. He is an excellent manager, highly respected by the Mayor and the Departmental Heads with whom we work.

Norman Coward

Norman Coward

Operations Manager UK

Norman has been working in the Lalibela area in Ethiopia since 2000, following careers in agriculture and banking, finally as Agriculture Director of HSBC. He normally visits Ethiopia 4 times per year, often accompanied by Carole Andrews.

Carole Andrews

Carole Andrews

Administration Manager UK

Carole has held a number of important Secretarial/Personal Assistant posts including for the Dean of St Paul’s Cathedral and for Princess Michael of Kent. She carries out administrative and secretarial work for Lalibela Trust from London and often accompanies Norman on his quarterly visits to Ethiopia.


The Trustees and Principals receive no salary or expenses. The Trustees and Principals pay all administration costs, travel, accommodation, and communication costs. The salaries of the Management Team in Ethiopia and the purchase, replacement, and running costs of the 4WD vehicle are paid privately by the Operations Manager UK and are not a Lalibela Trust expense.

Donations towards Lalibela Trust’s projects go to the beneficiaries in Ethiopia who are very appreciative of the completed projects.


All donations will receive acknowledgment of receipt from Dr. Sharp or Norman Coward.